Monday, January 16, 2012

Go chic with Rustic!

The world is not flat... why should a rug be!

A new beginning is perhaps the best time to say…

Being driven by ambitions and desires, feverishness for a fortune and no count of the special moments missed... it’s time to return and restore. It’s time to cater and nurture one’s long lost self. Let the celebration of this New Year not fade away. Let us make it stay in our hearts and minds by de -complicating the worldly attachments. If this was food for thought lets have some flavor for our space. And this month’s flavor being rustic!

Look which is soothing to your eyes

Have you ever dreamt of living in the countryside in a wooden cabin? A fireplace warming you up, nature’s trail welcoming you every morning, walnut wood paneling making the perfect backdrop to your life, beige curtains ushering in the morning breeze, a glass façade letting you breathe in the glories of nature and open spaces letting you unwind in peace! I bet you have. Wouldn’t it be great if we could call such a place our home?

Homes that breathe
Consequential to falling economy and unforseen tragedies, people are turning more and more towards spiritualism. True colors, textures and an appearance that brings with it peace is what we all want.

Less is more
Make your abode an alternate reality to the constant stress. Bring home a feeling of calmness and openness with clutter free zones. Let the beige linen romance with the white rustic finishes to create timeless and classic furnishings. This season we want to get as real as possible. Instead of machine like perfect prints we favor something with a dash of human touch. We suggest you ikat wallpapers in maroons and grey to autograph this perfect quixotic setting. Use of more round corners as against sharp edges is another way of visual justice. 

Doorway to peace

And to add that personal ingredient, the store has in for you, a range of beautiful English photo album boxes, vases in stone like textures, rugs in earthy tones and, an extensive range of wicker baskets, wooden bathroom accessories and fragrant candles. To compliment the collection are a wide range of zari border cushions which can be played around subtly with the otherwise soothing color palette.


Personalize your space with our accessories
Every house has its own character. But in this age of commotion and chaos, the unique character of your home gets lost somewhere. That is when an anomaly helps. It really is difficult to go to the nature side given to our busy schedules. So why don't we bring the tranquility and the wonders of nature side to our homes? We believe that your living space has to be practical and functional, calming you every time you come home and so this New Year redecorate your home the rustic way.

Let beige and white cool your senses

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